Declaration by 25 Diplomatic Missions in Prague on the Occasion of Prague Pride 2021  

  • srpen 2, 2021

We, Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Prague, again join together to express our support for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of LGBTQI+ individuals.  LGBTQI+ individuals are an essential part of our societies.   


International human rights law is based on the premise that all people are equal and entitled to the same rights and freedoms. These rights and freedoms extend to everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We support the fight against hate speech, violence and discrimination directed against LGBTQI+ persons at international and regional levels. Together, in our respective countries, we have made great strides in the struggle for human rights of LGBTQI+ persons. But we acknowledge that challenges remain. 


LGBTQI+ persons around the world still face discrimination or bullying in the workplace, school, and in society, causing suffering in their daily lives.  This year, in particular, we want to focus on supporting our LGBTQI+ youth by building safer environments for them.  Together, we are better able to combine our expertise and experiences, and lead by example toward a more just and humane world in which we are all treated equally and with human dignity. We encourage further steps in every country to ensure the equality and full enjoyment of human rights of all people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 


Though physical distancing prevents us from marching together this year, we are proud to represent #DiplomatsforEquality, to demonstrate unity and solidarity among the Prague diplomatic community for the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons everywhere, and to come together in our shared commitment for freedom and equal human rights for all.  Join us in telling our LGBTQI+ friends, colleagues, parents, siblings, and children: “We love you for who you are.” Being yourself is an identity, not an ideology. 


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