East meets West Conference Bratislava: Yves Aerts

Místo: The Spot at Sky Park Offices Bratislava, Bottova 2622/2
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(pouze v angličtině)

When planning the 2022 East meets West Conference, we were happy to leave, after 2 difficult years, the COVID pandemic behind us. We all needed to come back to our pre-COVID LGBTIQ activities. But then an even bigger disaster hit us, the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. East meets West (EmW) has been partnering with all CEE countries, independent of the political system that the country had as EmW focuses on all LGBTIQ communities.

So we kept the original theme of the Conference as we cannot ignore the many changes that took place in the past 2 years, adding the new challenges caused by the military conflict of which the total impact cannot yet be measured. We will talk about the possibly changed role of the business world who entered actively the arena of Diversity & Inclusion. EmW still considers them crucial partners for strengthening the LGBTIQ communities. But we will also give ample space and a voice to the situation of the many LGBTIQ groups that were forced to leave their country and are building a new network, still supporting the LGBTIQ community in their home regions. 



A Look from the East and a Look from the West

Now organising this session for the 8th time, we want to respect the traditional set-up. We look at our extensive, ever growing EmW network and talk to LGBTIQ representatives from near by and far away countries, places we all know but of which we ignore the status is of their LGBTIQ community. Often it is a real eye-opener, sometimes you will be touched by their very personal testimonials, but it will never leave you untouched.

  • Tania Kasian, Communications Manager at FULCRUM, Ukraine

  • Dr. Tabea Hässler, University of Zurich, Department of Psychology, Switzerland

  • Yves Aerts, Executive Director of çavaria, Belgium

  • Rongfeng Duan, Lead of TRUESELF in Shanghai region, China