European platform Care & industry együtt harcolnak a koronavírus ellen

  • április 21, 2020

Az Enterprise Europe Network Flandern a Flanders' Care-rel együttműködve létrehozták a  'European Platform - Care & Industry together against CORONA' platformot, amelynek célja, hogy a külöböző vállaltok és szolgáltatók, illetve a kutatók egymásra találjanak. Emellett a platformon a kormányoknak is lehetősége nyílik, hogy ezzel kapcsolatban releváns információkat osszanak meg.  

Az alábbikban bővebben is olvashat a programról angol nyelven:

Platform ‘Care & Industry together against CORONA!’ designated as "best practice" by the European Commission.

In the context of the activities of the Clearing House*, the European Commission has identified the supply and demand platform ‘Care & Industry together against CORONA!’ as best practice. This European platform, set up by Flanders' Care (Government of Flanders) in collaboration with the Sector Group Healthcare of the Enterprise Europe Network (E.E.N.), aims to support better cooperation between industry and healthcare through efficient online matching. The platform now has around 600 validated participants who match over 1,200 opportunities and is active in 37 countries on 3 continents. 155 E.E.N. colleagues validate and support participants so that the platform enables reliable and secure contacts.

At the invitation of Clearing House, Lieve Apers presented the platform on 19t May 2020. The importance of in depth screening of profiles was highlighted, as this is a prerequisite to guarantee the quality of this longer-running platform. 

Care & Industry together against CORONA

* The Commission has set up a “Clearing house for medical equipment” for a period of six months to identify available stocks, including test kits, and to meet Member States' demand more quickly. Hundreds of manufacturers of medical devices, including ventilators, and personal protective equipment, want to increase, or have already done, their production to meet demand. Where necessary, the Clearing House will tailor this offering to the needs and requirements of Member States, and technical or address regulatory barriers or bottlenecks in supply chains to ensure prompt delivery of this equipment.