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The General Representation of the Government of Flanders for Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia also closely monitors relations with the Slovenian partners from its headquarters in Vienna and its office in Budapest.

The General Representation takes care of the diplomatic, political, social and cultural contacts between Slovenia and Flanders. The themes on which the office focuses stem from the Belgian state structure. Matters and policy areas that fall under the competences of the Government of Flanders in our country are also followed up abroad by the Government. Our office monitors political and policy developments in Slovenia, ensures appropriate communication, provides information about Flanders and its policy priorities, facilitates government contacts between Flanders and Slovenia and between midfield and cultural partners.

In addition to our relations with national and local governments, we maintain and initiate many contacts with actors operating in a broad social field and with cultural actors. Themes that define the high standard of living in Flanders, receive a great deal of attention abroad: education, health care, social welfare, human and children's rights, science and innovation, research and development, agriculture, environment and climate, culture, arts and heritage. A cooperation agreement between the Flemish Community and the Flemish Region and the Republic of Slovenia was signed in Ljubljana on 3 September 1998.  

There is also close cooperation with the Department of Dutch Studies at the University of Ljubljana.

The Representation of the Government of Flanders has no consular authority. The Embassy of Belgium is the point of contact. . But we recommend every Flemish citizen setting up in Slovenia to register with the Representation. In addition, contacting the organization Flemings in the World (ViW) is highly recommended.